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moon bangle

moon bangle

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The MOON bracelet is a real gift from heaven. Impossible to remain insensitive to a fragment of the Moon deposited in the heart of the brushed and polished Titanium case.
  • drapeau FranceFrench made
  • NFT xPortalCertification in the blockchain
  • The Meteoritical SocietyAuthenticated meteorite
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Focus on the Moon bracelet

  • Météorite

    Regolith Breccia

  • Housing material


  • Weight

    16 grams

  • Circumference

    Up to 22cm

  • Strand material

    Soft touch elastomer

  • Strand color

    Metal Gray

A lunar meteorite inside a titanium case

In 1969 the astronauts of the Apollo XI mission brought back valuable samples from their trip to the Moon for NASA experts. This privileged circle extends with the Moon bracelet.

The Lunar Meteorite

Regolith Breccia is the name given to this meteorite from the Moon by the Meteoritical Society responsible for authenticating it. Its number NWA 10782 informs that it is composed in particular of Pyroxene, Plagioclase and Spinel.

météorite Moon

Certification in the blockchain

The certificate of authenticity of this meteorite from the Moon is contained in a unique digital object offered on the xPortal application. In addition to the certifications, the NFT offers an artistic representation of the stone.

Technical data

Everything you need to know about the Moon bracelet

  • Météorite

    Classification : Regolith Breccia

    Registration number : NWA 10782

    Year : 2015

    Location : North West Africa

  • Housing

    Matter : Titanium

    Finishing : Brushed and polished

    Retail : Collision logo engraving

    Dimensions : l 15, L 35, h 15 mm

  • Strand

    Matter : Soft touch elastomer

    Color : Metal Gray

    Retail : Collision Engraving

    Circumference : Up to 22cm

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