Guaranteeing the authenticity and exact provenance of the meteorite stones

certificat authenticité Spacefox
NFT xPortal

The certificate in the blockchain

Spacefox therefore suggests that you use the ELROND Blockchain and the xPortal smartphone application so that you never lose your certificate of authenticity. As a bonus you will receive your NFT Collision Spacefox, digital alter ego of your bracelet.

What is Blockchain

Blockchain is primarily a technology for storing and transmitting information. This technology offers high standards of transparency and security because it works without a central control body. It allows its users, connected to a network, to share data without an intermediary. We can consider the blockchain as a database that contains the history of all the exchanges carried out between its users since its creation.

bracelet Mars NFT

Each bracelet contains an NFT

What is an NFT? An NFT (non-fungible token or non-fungible token in French) designates a certificate allowing you to be the exclusive owner of a digital work.
Each bracelet is accompanied by a free NFT which offers a graphic representation of the original meteorite.

unlock NFT

How to unlock your NFT

Following receipt of your order, you can enter the unique code sent by Spacefox to simply unlock the NFT inside the xPortal application.

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