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Atlas bracelet

Atlas bracelet

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Discover the ATLAS bracelet and its meteorite from the depths of the Universe in the center of a black bracelet with a unique design.
  • drapeau FranceFrench made
  • Certification in the blockchain
  • Authenticated meteorite
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Focus on the Atlas bracelet

  • Météorite


  • Housing material

    Steel 316L Pure Black

  • Weight

    16 grams

  • Circumference

    Up to 22cm

  • Strand material

    Soft touch elastomer

  • Strand color

    Black Hole

Technical data

Everything you need to know about the Atlas strap

  • Météorite

    Classification : Mésosidérite

    Registration number : NWA 13912

    Year : 2020

    Location : North West Africa

  • Housing

    Matter : Steel 316L Pure Black

    Finishing : Brushed and polished

    Retail : Collision logo engraving

    Dimensions : l 15, L 35, h 15 mm

  • Strand

    Matter : Soft touch elastomer

    Color : Black Hole

    Retail : Collision Engraving

    Circumference : Up to 22cm

météorite Atlas bracelet noir météorite du bracelet Atlas

a titanic collision of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter

Discovery at the foot of the Atlas mountain range, in North-West Africa. A rare stone forged in forces and temperatures so powerful that it echoes the creation of our Universe.

Mesosiderite meteorite

This type of meteorite represents less than 1% of listed meteorites. It was analyzed and classified by the Meteoritical Society after its discovery in 2020. Mesosiderite thus bears the registration number NWA 13912 and comprises orthopyroxene, augite, olivine and anorthite.

météorite Atlas

Certification in the blockchain

Thanks to Elrond's xPortal application, a certificate of authenticity is offered on the blockchain for the Atlas bracelet. This includes certifications and an artistic representation of the meteorite in NFT form.

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