Because space has no borders, Spacefox has made it its mission to make it accessible to everyone.

planète Terre

Who are we

Spacefox is a team of space enthusiasts based in Angers whose mission is to bring space into everyone's daily life.

Our promise

In 2021 we discovered that we could fulfill our original promise with real space objects, integrated into our daily lives. This is how the Collision bracelets and their meteorite fragments have fueled our quality approach and our desire to continue French manufacturing.

Our values

Because knowledge is a right for all, we have decided to support the “Enfants du Désert” association in order to promote access to education through a partnership. Indeed, you have the possibility of making a donation to the association during your purchases on the site.

Since the beginning, we have also worked to highlight emerging and promising projects. It is in this desire to share that we have set up calls for scientific projects open to all. This is an opportunity for us to highlight the future of science through financial aid and media support.

Our meteorite bracelets