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Iron bracelet

Iron bracelet

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The IRON bracelet offers a meteorite fragment witnessing the creation of our solar system . This incredible meteorite from the abyss of space is placed in the heart of a 316L steel case with an anthracite finish.
  • drapeau FranceFrench made
  • Certification in the blockchain
  • The Meteoritical SocietyAuthenticated meteorite
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Focus on the Iron bracelet

  • Météorite


  • Case material

    316L stainless steel

  • Weight

    16 grams

  • Circumference

    Up to 22cm

  • Strand material

    Soft touch elastomer

  • Strand color

    Cosmic Blue

Technical data

All about the Iron bracelet

  • Météorite

    Classification : Iron-Fine Octahedrite

    Registration number : Muonionalusta

    Year : 1906

    Location : Sweden

  • Housing

    Matter : 316L stainless steel

    Finishing : Anthracite brushed and polished

    Retail : Collision logo engraving

    Dimensions : l 15, L 35, h 15 mm

  • Strand

    Matter : Soft touch elastomer

    Color : Cosmic Blue

    Retail : Collision text engraving

    Circumference : Up to 22cm

Pierre météorite volant au-dessus du bracelet IRON Pierre météorite volant au-dessus du bracelet IRON effet de lumière

What if it was possible to touch the beginning?

Discover a meteorite formed at the beginning of our solar system on the Iron bracelet from the Collision collection. A part of the story of our origins coming from the spatial abyss.

The Iron-Fine Octahedrite Meteorite

The meteorite contained in the Iron bracelet has been analyzed and classified by the Meteoritical Society in order to define its chemical composition and thus its origins. The particularity observable on this stone are the figures of Widmanstätten: after being heated to more than 1000°C, the alloy recrystallizes in fine needles during its cooling over millions of years.

météorite Iron

Certification in the blockchain

Your Iron meteorite bracelet comes with a unique digital object that you can find in the xPortal application. Indeed, the certificate of authenticity of your Collision bracelet is offered in an NFT including the certifications and a visual representing an artistic interpretation of the original stone.

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