The universe within reach The spirit of discovery and exploration, distinctive feature of Spacefox, reaches today a new milestone. Let yourself be carried away to different parts of the Solar System thanks to the Collision© bracelet range and unravel mysteries of the meteorite fragments ornamenting the bracelets.
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Spacefox meticulously created a bracelet with an original and unique design.

The meteorite fragments are embedded in a casing with a sleek and futuristic design evoking space, which makes the bracelet perfectly suitable for both men and women.


The Collision© bracelet range puts genuine iron, lunar or martian meteorites in the spotlight.

Certified by experts of the meteoritic field, these space fragments have an undeniable scientific value.

a bracelet made in France
a bracelet made in France
With the Collision© bracelet range,
SPACEFOX is proud to present a jewel made and assembled
on French territory.