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  • Resolution of the Solar Wind riddle!
    Published : 2021-09-08 | Categories : Article

    On May 18,2021, a mysterious video was posted on our Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok pages. Random numbers on a black screen, with no explanation… It took very little time to the Spacefox community to start investigating on the meaning of the video. Knowing our love for riddles, it was not too long before the community understood what was secretly at stake. The hours following the publication of the video were very intense for some people. Many of you sent us theories, questions and m [...]

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    Published : 2021-06-07 | Categories : Article

    A spacesuit is used to assure the survival of a person in a space environment. There are two main outfits.The EMU (Extravehicular Mobility Unit) suit used for maintenance in the space vacuum or the exploration of the Moon.The ACES (Advanced Crew Escape Suit) suit, for intravehicular use, was designed to face a potential accidental depressurisation of the cabin. How does a spacesuit work? The spacesuits protect the astronauts from various dangers related to space vacuum. Indeed, [...]

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  • STS Missions
    Published : 2021-05-07 | Categories : Article

    The history of space shuttles and STS missions The Space shuttle or Space Transportation System (STS) is a reusable spacecraft developed by the NASA. In 1977, ‘Enterprise’ is the first shuttle to make test flights of a few minutes, known as missions ‘ALT-12, 13, 14, 15 and 16’. On April 12, 1981, the shuttle Columbia will be the first one to be part of a space mission lasting several hours, and will be thus the first of many missions carried out under the name ‘STS’. Later, as many as [...]

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  • A blob in space
    Published : 2021-04-16 | Categories : Article

    In Spring 2021, on the occasion of the ALPHA mission, the European astronaut Thomas Pesquet will join the ISS on board the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule for a six-month stay. During this expedition, the French astronaut will try out various experiences. Among them, he will take a closer look at “blobs”. A ‘blob”, what is it? 4 blobs will keep company to Thomas Pesquet on board the International Spatial Station. Among his others scientific activities (sleep study, sport in space…), he [...]

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