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  • The launch of the new JAMES WEBB space telescope
    Published : 2021-12-09 | Categories : Article

    After many postponements and years of delay on the initial schedule, the JAMES WEBB telescope is heading to space on board an Ariane rocket from the Kourou Space Centre in French Guiana.

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  • What is an NFT and how does it work?
    Published : 2021-11-23 | Categories : Article

    What exactly are NFTs? The new whim of crypto traders or a technology with a real benefit?Focus on these Non-Fungible Token which will shake things up in the world of art, but not only…

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  • Collision
    Published : 2021-11-22 | Categories : Article

    The spirit of discovery and exploration reaches a new milestone for Spacefox. Let yourself be carried away through the cosmic history of our galaxy by stepping into the Collision universe, a range of high-end jewellery, featuring genuine meteorite fragments, witnesses of the history of the Moon, Mars and the outer reaches of the Universe.

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  • Space technology we use daily
    Published : 2021-11-05 | Categories : Article

    In the years to come we can expect an increase of space missions. Between 2020 and 2024, a 14.4 billion euros budget has been allocated to the ESA (European Space Agency). Given the current health and economic situation, one may wonder: why? Without being illegitimate, this question is often raised by people who don’t know why money is invested in space research in the first place.

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  • How do you poop in space?
    Published : 2021-09-29 | Categories : Article

    In space, everything is different. Off the planet, the most basic human biological processes can be a challenge, partly because of the lack of gravity. Find out how our dear astronauts can satisfy their natural needs on board the International Space Station. 23 million dollars (around 20 million euros), that is the price of the toilets which were installed on the ISS during 2020. As you can imagine, go to the toilets in the International Space Station is not as easy as down here [...]

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  • Resolution of the Solar Wind riddle!
    Published : 2021-09-08 | Categories : Article

    On May 18,2021, a mysterious video was posted on our Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok pages. Random numbers on a black screen, with no explanation… It took very little time to the Spacefox community to start investigating on the meaning of the video. Knowing our love for riddles, it was not too long before the community understood what was secretly at stake. The hours following the publication of the video were very intense for some people. Many of you sent us theories, questions and m [...]

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    Published : 2021-06-07 | Categories : Article

    A spacesuit is used to assure the survival of a person in a space environment. There are two main outfits.The EMU (Extravehicular Mobility Unit) suit used for maintenance in the space vacuum or the exploration of the Moon.The ACES (Advanced Crew Escape Suit) suit, for intravehicular use, was designed to face a potential accidental depressurisation of the cabin. How does a spacesuit work? The spacesuits protect the astronauts from various dangers related to space vacuum. Indeed, [...]

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  • STS Missions
    Published : 2021-05-07 | Categories : Article

    The history of space shuttles and STS missions The Space shuttle or Space Transportation System (STS) is a reusable spacecraft developed by the NASA. In 1977, ‘Enterprise’ is the first shuttle to make test flights of a few minutes, known as missions ‘ALT-12, 13, 14, 15 and 16’. On April 12, 1981, the shuttle Columbia will be the first one to be part of a space mission lasting several hours, and will be thus the first of many missions carried out under the name ‘STS’. Later, as many as [...]

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