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Symbol of the Solar Wind collection, the HENAO zip sweatshirt was designed to provide you with a unique style and comfort in all circumstances.

The EXPOSURE zip hooded sweatshirt is the first piece of clothing that has been worn by the Radioactivity Control Section field team members.



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The District hooded sweatshirt is worn by the “Radioactivity Control Section” members in charge of delimiting the risky areas on grounds potentially irradiated by the residuals of supernovas.

The Curiosity sweatshirt bears its name from the Martian rover of the MSL mission (Mars Science Laboratory). It pays tribute to the first Martian settlers.

The EXPLORER hooded sweatshirt, mainly made of cotton (70% cotton 30% polyester) bears the colours of the PULSAR collection. It was designed to provide you with optimal comfort.

The Pathfinder zip hooded sweatshirt was the operational outfit of the scouts in charge of the exploration of Mars. Its name comes from the eponymous space probe.

Elegant and casual at the same time, the Flag Officer sweatshirt was worn by the high commander of the Midgard vessel during the Pulsar mission, when not on duty.

The TRANSMITTER hooded sweatshirt is a reference in the space industry, thanks to its original and elegant cut. Its colours and screen printings are a reminder of the historical lunar missions, which allowed mankind to tame space and to look beyond his own existence.