Our commitment with “Children of the Desert”

Our commitment with the association “Enfants du Désert”

The Enfant du Désert association has existed since 2005. It was created following a trip to Moroccan lands by its founders Laetitia and Emmanuel Chevallier, encouraged by this journey to commit to a meaningful cause: access to education of children in southern Morocco.

Discover the video presentation of the association:

Access to education is the main objective of the association.
In a global approach in favor of children, actions have been extended to help women in the desert, in order to accompany them towards stability and financial autonomy.
In addition, the various construction projects (schools, libraries, etc.) call on local craftsmen and thus allow masons, blacksmiths, painters, etc. to practice their trade in order to promote the local economy.

The actions of the association are multiple:

- Supply of school, sports, IT and leisure equipment
- Construction of schools, nurseries
- Raise awareness and provide access to hygiene
- Raising awareness of environmental issues
- Provide means of transport such as bicycles, for the most remote villages
- Provide medical equipment for hospitals
- Be a communication relay for Westerners

Since its inception, SPACEFOX has wanted to help promote access to education. Thanks to a partner of choice, the Enfants du Désert association, this mission can be carried out.
The first action implemented was the sending of a complete revisited collection to the entire team of volunteers.

Since 2020, the Children of the Desert shock team proudly wears these clothes with their own logo, in order to fulfill quality missions in the field such as the solidarity part of the 4L Trophy (allowing to finance schools).

Thanks to your generosity when placing your orders on the Spacefox website, we were able to donate €4840 to the Enfants du Désert association in 2021.

This year, it is still possible to make a donation directly at the time of purchase, on the spacefox.shop site.

In order to follow the various actions implemented by the association, or if you wish to participate in them, we invite you to follow its social networks or to go directly to its website.




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